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Yes to Life Wellbeing Programme, bringing a wealth of new support to our beneficiaries.

17 Jan 2024

Support Group Facilitator

The intersection of wellbeing and cancer is profound, emphasising the critical role that holistic health plays in the face of a cancer diagnosis. Prioritising wellbeing becomes a guiding principle for people undergoing cancer-related challenges. Emotional and mental support, coupled with physical wellness strategies, contributes to an enhanced quality of life throughout the journey. Nurturing mental resilience through mindfulness practices and support networks can alleviate the emotional burden, while attention to physical wellbeing, including proper nutrition and exercise, aids in maintaining strength and vitality.

Wellbeing in the context of cancer is not merely a superfluous aspect but an integral component of comprehensive care, recognising that a balanced and resilient state of health can positively influence both the journey experience and overall life satisfaction for those affected by cancer.

We are thrilled to announce the new classes and sessions for our Wellbeing Programme, a big step forward in our dedication to enhancing the overall quality of services for those navigating the challenges of cancer, fostering resilience and empowerment throughout their journey.

Clare McLusky, one of our wonderful trustees, that some of you may know from the Wigwam Cancer Support Groups, the weekly Mindfulness wellbeing group “Here and Now”, and the coordinator of our Wellbeing Groups says:

“I am delighted to say that we are increasing what we offer.  As you all know there is so much more to our wellbeing than just physical health.  Our mindfulness and yoga groups have been well attended for the last 3 years and from our surveys we know people have found them enormously helpful in reducing stress and anxiety and increasing resilience.  I have heard from many of you that you find breathwork valuable, so we’ve included this in the programme. We are lucky to have Elif Clarke doing a weekly Gently Trauma Informed Breathwork and Yoga Nidra and Sophie Trew a monthly Breathwork Group.  

A cancer diagnosis and treatment affect our lives at all levels, and it is very normal for it to become all-consuming and lead to a loss of a sense of joy in our lives.  This is one of the reasons why I have sought to include such groups as Move Dance Feel with Emily Jenkins and Lift Your Mood & Boost Your Immune System through Singing and Laughter – with Charlotte Woodford.  Whilst both these groups offer a way back to finding your joy, they also offer benefits for the breath and freeing the body of tension. 

As with our Cancer Support Groups, there is the opportunity to connect with others in these groups and to share experiences.  We have a Book Club starting on the 25th January facilitated by Sarah Spinks focusing each month on a book that participants have found helpful in learning about and implementing an integrative approach to their health.  An exciting new Seasonal Nutrition Workshop will begin in March with Hayley North where you may discover new recipes but also how to come into a new relationship with food and how you prepare it.  If you feel that you strive to do all you can in terms of increasing your wellbeing this will be the workshop for you.  It will be an opportunity to discover how to make cooking a contemplative practice.”.

Joining our Wellbeing Programme is an investment in your journey towards empowerment. Our new extended program offers a wealth of resources with fantastic support of wellness classes, all designed to enrich your physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing. By becoming a part of this vibrant community, you not only gain access to valuable tools for navigating the challenges of cancer but also contribute to a collective spirit of resilience and support.

Join us in making wellbeing a shared journey and let the Yes to Life Wellbeing Programme be your compass toward a more empowered and fulfilling life.

Explore the programme and sing up for the sessions here:

The Yes to Life Team

Clare McLusky

Trustee and Wellbeing Programme Coordinator