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Food for Life: Recipes to inspire you. New Book out for sale now!

13 Apr 2022

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We are immensely pleased and proud to introduce our ravishing cookbook, Food for Life, Recipes to inspire you. This is not the first time in the last 18 years that we have made plans for a recipe book. Always we set out with the intention of collecting together tempting and delicious recipes, all under the watchful eye of a specialist Nutritional Therapist who could focus in on the value of the ingredients to those with cancer, both from the standpoint of their therapeutic effects and the science behind them. It was simply an obvious lifestyle resource for Yes to Life to produce.

One way and another these plans never came to fruition… until now, that is! We have our energetic and dedicated Executive Director, Miquel Leon-Canete, to thank for finally making all the dreams into a reality, and with such style.

The first question anyone with a diagnosis of cancer who is starting to look for ways to help themselves will ask is ‘What should I eat?’ For far too long, this question has been dismissed as trivial and irrelevant by cancer specialists, but now the crucial importance of factors such as the health of the gut microbiome to treatment outcomes are a hot topic of mainstream research, and it’s long past time to be underestimating the power of good nutrition to underpin the recovery of good health. Nutritional Therapist and long-term survivor of cancer Kirsten Chick needs little convincing of this, and her invaluable insights into, and overview of this project have played a key part in making the book such an irresistible go-to resource. 

Food for Life is a reflection of her broad view of nutrition, which encompasses the experiential, social, psychological and spiritual dimensions of eating – quite apart from the physical benefits to our biochemistry.

We hope you find great pleasure in exploring these pages. What more enjoyable way could there be to support your journey back to health than with such mouth-watering nourishment?

Buy your copy now here

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