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He’s only gone and done it….. #TheBigWeekOff

30 Jul 2019

As some of you know, our Chairman and Founder of Yes to Life took on a fundraising challenge in July.  What started off as a chat about what to do built into #TheBigWeekOff – a 7 day fast.  With the support of the amazing Liz Butler and Silvia Grisenda of Cancer Clarity, we watched Robin daily on social media to see how he was getting on.  Not only did he feel great when the 7 day’s was up he lost a shed load of weight in the process.  Of course these things are never easy to start off with – the nagging need to snack on things and to stop opening the fridge door but he made it.  He also smashed his target of £1,000 per day, raising £7,456.30 and an additional gift aid of £812.50.

Well done Robin

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