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Collaborative on Health and the Environment
The Collaborative on Health and the Environment (CHE) cultivates a learning community based on the latest, evidence-based scienc...
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Hello Beautiful Foundation 
The Hello Beautiful Foundation is a UK based Cancer prevention charity...
Categories: Meditation, Nutrition
Life Over Cancer - Keith Block MD
Keith Block has been at the forefront of what is now termed 'integrative' cancer care since the 1980s. In his recent book 'Life ...
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GBM Glioblastoma Metabolism Study
GBM Glioblastoma Metabolism Study aims to establish a metabolic phenotype of primary glioblastoma....
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Mesothelioma Resource Group
Mesothelioma Resource Group provides services to help to locate top mesothelioma doctors and access the latest clinical trials...
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Puyssentut is a specialist cancer retreat in SW France...
Categories: Relaxation
Radical Hope - Kelly Turner
Kelly Turner’s latest book features real-life stories from survivors of cancer and other diseases who have used the 9 key fact...
Categories: Science
Tripping Over the Truth - Travis Christofferson
Science writer Travis Christofferson illuminates a promising blend of old and new perspectives on cancer....
Categories: Integrative Cancer Therapies
Vital Signs for Cancer - Xandria Williams
In Vital Signs, Xandria Williams explains why current medical treatments for cancer are having so little effect....
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CIC Cancer Project
The Continuous Improvement in Care – Cancer (CIC Cancer) Project is a program of research that considers what is important to ...
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YesToLife YouTube Channel
YesToLife YouTube Channel...
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Youth Cancer Trust
The Youth Cancer Trust provides support and free activity holidays for young people...
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