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Yes to Life 2021-22 Impact Report
A summary of the services delivered by the charity over the year 2021-2022...
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The Cancer Revolution - Patricia Peat
The Cancer Revolution book, packed full of resources and information on Integrative Medicine and written by Patricia Peat and 37...
Categories: Integrative Cancer Therapies
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Penny Brohn UK
Penny Brohn UK is a National charity, funded by public donations that provides free, integrative care to cancer patients, before...
Categories: Support
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Together Against Cancer
Together Against Cancer is an international charity which assists in the relief of cancer and similar conditions through educati...
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CANCERactive aims to provide well-researched information on cancer, its causes and possible treatments...
Categories: Information, Support
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Cancernet UK
CancernetUK is a resource for individuals living with or after cancer...
Categories: Exercise, Information, Nutrition, Science
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Tips for Herbal Support for Breast Cancer
Top 10 Tips for Herbal Support for Breast Cancer by Alex Laird...
Categories: Herbal Medicine, Information, Support
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How to Starve Cancer by Jane McLelland
Pre-order your copy of How to Starve Cancer and then kill it with Ferroptosis, 2nd edition of the hugely popular How To Starve C...
Categories: Integrative Cancer Therapies, Nutrition, Repurposed Drugs, Science
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Double-zero is a health and wellness hub, a free resource to make your life easier by curating information founded by Denise Ste...
Categories: Integrative Cancer Therapies, Nutrition
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Food for Life 
Working alongside experts in the field of food, nutrition and lifestyle, the healthy living series consists of 12 videos of sea...
Categories: Nutrition
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Low Dose Aspirin and Cancer Treatment
A large review of over 100 observational studies in patients with 18 different types of cancer suggested that low dose aspiri...
Categories: Repurposed Drugs, Science
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Keep Healthy After Cancer - Prof Thomas
The book answers vital questions and presents the facts which can empower you to make effective lifestyle decisions...
Categories: Exercise, Nutrition, Science
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