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Addressing Cancer from Every Angle
Date: 18 Nov 2020
Aryan will be looking at the key elements of an integrative approach to cancer, how they can impact on your physiology and why they are important to include in your integrative plan.
More about Aryan
Dr Tavakkoli is a consultant physician with a 25-year background in hospital medicine. She is the medical director of Quantum Clinic in East Sussex, where she provides integrative support for adult patients with previous or current cancer. Her Integrative Cancer Programme includes modulated electro-hyperthemia (oncothermia), high dose intravenous vitamin C infusions, mistletoe injections, oxygenation therapy, nutritional advice, mind-body therapy, information on metabolic pathway blockers and recommended anti-inflammatory supplements.
By offering a supportive integrative programme to run alongside conventional treatment, her aim is to enable her patients to achieve long term wellness and a better quality of life than would be achieved by using an allopathic medical approach alone.
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