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Kirsten Chick
Medical Supporter


Kirsten combines clear understandings of biochemistry, food energetics and our complex relationship with food. She offers a warm and inspiring approach with practical ideas, encouraging people to take back control and responsibility for their own health and wellbeing.

“Yes to Life plays a crucial role for people diagnosed with cancer, providing education, empowerment and a sympathetic ear. It is increasingly being acknowledged how important self-care and psychological wellbeing is for people with chronic disease, and while some appropriately supportive services are offered by the NHS in some areas, the scope for this is very limited. Yes to Life helps signpost people to both NHS and private services, and where possible, provides financial assistance. In addition, Yes to Life continues to help bring more understanding and communication between orthodox and complementary approaches to healthcare, which ultimately benefits the patient enormously, not least in their confidence to use both in a way that is safe and effective.”

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