Our Supporters

The importance of support from Trusts, Foundations and Corporate Sponsorship

Yes to Life is here to support people with cancer on the best possible journey.  After several years of steady development, we are now centre-stage in a new age of integrative cancer treatments allied to healthy living options and the number of people seeking our support is growing rapidly.

There are several charitable trusts and foundations well positioned to help us: whether with our Small Awards scheme to help enable patients to obtain treatment recognised by, but not readily available within the NHS;  to fund our Wigwam restorative healing hubs around the country; our Educational Programme including workshops – and to develop our Helpline and volunteer support programmes.

Yes to Life is keen to develop appropriate and mutually relevant financial, marketing, consumer and media partnerships with companies located in Britain, whether they are themselves UK companies or from abroad.

Karolina shares how financial support has helped her – just click the photo to watch:

Huge thanks and gratitude to the Trusts and Foundations who have supported us