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Mistletoe Therapy
Also Known As:
Viscum Album (botanical name) Iscador (Iscar in USA), Abnobaviscum, Helixor Plenosol, Lektinol, Iscucin, Eurixor & Cefalektin

Mistletoe therapy was developed as an adjunct to cancer treatment in Switzerland in 1917-20, in the collaboration between Dr I Wegman MD and Dr Rudolf Steiner PhD (1861-1925). Mistletoe extracts are typically administered by subcutaneous injection, often over many years. Mistletoe treatment improves quality of life, supports patients during recommended conventional cancer treatments and some studies show survival benefit. It is safe and has no adverse interactions with conventional cancer treatments.


Mistletoe is a semi-parasitic plant, and the extract is harvested twice a year and undergoes a complex manufacturing procedure. The whole plant extract contains key medicinal constituents: Mistletoe lectin, viscotoxins, triterpenes, amongst many others. Mistletoe preparation is found to enhance the body’s anti-cancer immunity and thereby to inhibit tumour cell growth. It is given in an injectable form, typically three times a week, with doses adjusted over time, under medical supervision. In expert hands, it can also be administered intravenously and intratumourally. Treatment can last from several months to years.


Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925), first suggested mistletoe as a treatment for cancer and Dr Wegman started treating patients in 1917. Steiner considered tumour growth an imbalance in the regulation of the physical and vital body. He considered mistletoe as a means to re-establish an integration by harnessing innate, healthy forces (now understood to involve the immune system) to promote the reversion of cancerous cells.



Small, novel proteins from the mistletoe Phoradendron tomentosum exhibit highly selective cytotoxicity to human breast cancer cells.

Preclinical and Clinical Effects of Mistletoe against Breast Cancer review

Mistletoe for the treatment of cancer and inflammatory conditions, PAAM Physicians’ Association for Anthroposophic Medicine

National Cancer Institute

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Mistletoe and The Emerging Future of Integrative Oncology, a book by Dr. Steven Johnson, DO and Dr. Nasha Winters, ND, FABNO

More Notes

In the UK, Iscador has a limited licence. It is available on the NHS for the standard prescription cost, prescribed by GPs and doctors at homeopathic hospitals/departments that fall within the NHS, for as long as there is no PCT-specific ruling against. All other preparations can be made available on a named-patient-basis. The foremost Homoeopathic Centres are located in Bristol, Glasgow, Liverpool and London. Practitioners with experience in Mistletoe therapy are listed in this directory. Your GP or consultant can refer you.


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Dr Gilberto Alvarez
Tijuana, Mexico

Dr. Gilberto Alvarez has been the Medical Director at The Stella Maris Clinic since 1993. The Clinic offers help for cancer patients and those with other degenerative diseases using a metabolic approach in four different fields. ...
Dr Sean Ceaser
Winnipeg, Canada

Dr. Ceaser uses the science and philosophy of naturopathic medicine to treat his patients’ medical problems. ...
Dr Emma Davies
Stockbridge, UK England (SouthEast)

Dr Emma Davies worked in surgical oncology and is an integrative oncology doctor ...
Prof Dr Joachim Drevs

Prof Dr Joachim Drevs at The Unifontis team provides integrative oncology by combining conventional medicine, naturopathy and psychotherapy to deal with cancer and tumour diseases ...
Dr Michael Evans
Stroud, UK

Dr Michael Evans is an Anthroposophic Medical Doctor and was a co-founder of an NHS GP based at St Luke’s Medical Centre Stroud ...
Dr Nina Fuller-Shavel
Stockbridge, UK England (SouthEast)

Dr Nina Fuller-Shavel is an award-winning Oxbridge-trained integrative medicine doctor, scientist and educator ...
Dr Stefan Geider
Aberdeen, UK Scotland

A medical graduate with a doctorate from University of Witten-Herdeke, Germany, Dr Geider has a particular expertise in mistletoe therapy ...
Dr Peter Gruenewald
London, UK

Dr Peter Gruenewald is an Integrated Physician and General Practitioner with a special interest in anthroposophic, homeopathic, herbal and functional medicine ...
Dr Easter Ho
Seattle , USA

Dr Easter Ho uses diet and lifestyle medicine, botanical medicine, intravenous vitamin C (IV vitamin C), IV glutathione, and mistletoe therapy for patients of all cancers and stages, and has a special interest in relapse prevention ...
Olena Jones
Stockbridge, UK England (SouthEast)

Olena Jones is a CNHC and BANT registered nutritionist and nutritional therapy practitioner ...
Korina Karadimou
Stockbridge, UK England (SouthEast)

Korina Karadimou is a BANT-registered nutritionist and nutritional therapy practitioner specialising in integrative cancer nutrition support ...
Dr Sosie Kassab
London, UK - England (South East)

Dr Sosie Kassab specialises in homeopathy, acupuncture and Iscador (a mistletoe preparation); therapies used to help with symptom relief, side effects of conventional cancer treatments and quality of life. ...
Dr Asir Kopic
Stuttgart, Germany

Dr Kopic’s private oncology clinic in Stuttgart offers a personalised approach using therapeutic strategies based on detailed molecular profiling of individual tumours ...
Dr Kandis Lock
Ottawa, Canada

Kandis Lock is a Naturopathic Doctor, registered with the College of Naturopaths (CONO) and is a member of the Ontario Association of Naturopathic Doctors (OAND) and the Canadian Association of Naturopathic Doctors (CAND) ...
Dr Christine Suppelt
Maidstone, UK

Dr Christine Suppelt is a Homeopathic Physician, Medical Acupuncturist and Ophthalmic Surgeon offering Integrated Medicine in Maidstone, Kent ...
Dr Garrett Swetlikoff
Kelowna, Canada

Dr Garrett Swetlikoff, a naturopathic physician, is a 1988 graduate of Bastyr University, where he obtained a degree in Naturopathic Medicine ...
Dr Aryan Tavakkoli
Lewes, UK - England (South East)

Dr Tavakkoli provides integrative support for adult patients with previous or current cancer in her clinic Quantum Clinic ...
Dr Elizabeth Thompson
Bristol, UK - England (South West)

Elizabeth Thompson set up the National Centre for Integrative Medicine (NCIM) and is passionate about bringing together conventional, lifestyle and holistic approaches ...
Dr Kirsten West
Wichita, USA

Dr Kirsten West is a Naturopathic Doctor with a Fellowship on the Oncology Association of Naturopathic Physicians and specialises in integrative oncology ...
Art of Healing Cancer
Gurgaon, India

Art of Healing Cancer specialises in the treatment of advanced cancers, integrating multiple modalities of treatment from modern to traditional medicine ...
BioMed Klinik
Bad Bergzabern, Germany

This specialist clinic offers a range of integrative treatments including hyperthermia to cancer patients. The staff include oncologists, ...
Cancer Options
Nottingham, UK

Patricia Peat, founder of Cancer Options, support people with cancer by looking at their individual needs, taking a metabolic, integrative approach to develop support plans ...
Center For New Medicine
Irvine, USA

Center for New Medicine focuses on a precise, personalised approach to healthcare that includes prevention, early detection of cancer and internal medicine ...
Dayspring Cancer Clinic
Scottsdale, USA

Dayspring Cancer Clinic offers a broad range of scientifically-tested, evidenced-based therapies designed to accentuate your body’s natural mechanisms such as the immune system, to fight your cancer ...
East Bay Innovative Medicine
East Providence, USA

East Bay Innovative Medicine is a practice that focuses on total health and wellness as well as addressing all systems of the body to help patients reach their optimum level of health ...
Elysia Therapeutic Centre
Stourbridge, UK

The Elysia Therapeutic Centre is a complementary clinic applying anthroposophical medicine and mistletoe support ...
Filderklinik (The)
Bonlanden Near Stuttgart, Germany

Die Filderklinik (The Filder Clinic) provides integrative treatment concepts based on anthroposophic medicine, including holistic therapies to improve the quality of life ...
Hufeland Clinic for Holistic Immunotherapy
Bad Mergentheim, Germany

At Hufeland Klinik, a specific symptom of a disease or cancer tumour is not the focal point of their approach. Instead, they focus on reactivating the patient’s self-healing powers ...
Bucharest, Romania

ImunoMedica provides oncology patients a multi-disciplinary and personalised approach that follows the principle that each patient is entirely unique and must be treated holistically, body-mind-soul ...
Integrated Health Clinic Naturopathic Health and Cancer Care Center
Integrated Health Clinic (IHC) is a Naturopathic Health and Cancer Care Centre founded by doctors Karen and Gurdev Parmar for integrated healthcare delivery ...
Kelowna Naturopathic Clinic
Kelowna, Canada

Kelowna Naturopathic Clinic Inc is a complementary, naturopathic medical centre located in Canada, founded by medical director is Dr Garrett G Swetlikoff, ND ...
Klinik Arlesheim
Arlesheim, Switzerland

An anthroposophical clinic, established in 1921, where all anthroposophic doctors have completed a medical degree with a license to practice medicine and specialist training ...
Klinik St. George
Bad Aibling, Germany

Klinik St George is an integrated clinic offering conventional medicine (surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy) and nutritional supplements ...
Lemmo Integrated Cancer Care Centre
Vancouver, Canada

Dr. Walter Lemmo is founder and Medical Director of LEMMO Integrated Cancer Care, a naturopathic facility focused exclusively in cancer care ...
Liberty Clinic
Toronto, Canada

Liberty Clinic is a health and naturopathic clinic in Toronto, focusing a part of their practice in naturopathic adjunctive cancer treatment ...
Lococo Wellness Clinic
Hannon, Canada

The Lococo Wellness Clinic uses naturopathic medicine to treat the root cause of diseases ...
London Integrated Health Clinic
London, UK

The London Integrated Health Clinic is a private hospital which offers personalised integrated health care based on conventional and complementary medicine ...
Lukas Clinic
Arlesheim, Switzerland

In April 2013, Lucas Clinic and the neighbouring anthroposophic Ita Wegman Klinik merged to form the Arlesheim Clinic ...
Medical Center Cologne
Cologne, Germany

Medical Center Cologne was founded by Robert W.D. Gorter MD PhD and is dedicated to the treatment of cancer using an immune-supportive, non-toxic cancer therapies ...
NHS Centre for Integrative Care Gartnavel Hospitals Glasgow
Glasgow, UK - Scotland

The Centre, on the Gartnavel Hospitals site, offers people with long term conditions a wide range of opportunities to enhance their health and quality of life ...
National Centre for Integrative Medicine
Bristol, UK - England (South West)

The National Centre for Integrative Medicine (NCIM) champions an Integrative Medicine Model, combining conventional, lifestyle and holistic approaches ...
Oncothermia Barcelona
Barcelona, Spain

Oncological Nanothermia or Oncothermia is a method of electromagnetic non-invasive modulated hyperthermia, adjuvant in the treatment against cancer ...
Optimum Wellness Integrated Clinic
Edmonton, Canada

The Optimum Wellness Clinic team integrates non-conventional treatments with established evidence for safety and efficacy, alongside conventional treatments to improve patient outcomes ...
Painease Naturopathic Clinic
Milton, Canada

Painease Naturopathic Clinic operates a cancer care system based on the importance of patients receiving the very best in supportive and integrative cancer care ...
Pallas Clinic

Pallas Clinic is an integrative and preventive medical clinic specialising in providing a comprehensive and personalised approach to cancer treatment ...
Paracelsus Klinik Biological Medicine

The holistic cancer therapy at the Paracelsus Clinic is based on restoring the healthy organism, improving cellular immune strength ...
Positive IV

Positive IV is a medical clinic providing IV therapy and integrative care services offering a full range of functional medicine to support your health and wellbeing ...
Praxis für Hyperthermie - Dr Med Hüseyin Sahinbas
Düsseldorf, Germany

Dr Sahinbas is an international expert for Hyperthermia, radiation therapy and biological cancer therapy and directs the Training Center for Hyperthermia and Complementary Medicine ...
Quantum Clinic
Lewes, UK - England (South East)

Quantum Clinic is a progressive medical clinic offering a Functional Medicine and Integrative Medicine approach to adults with cancer ...
Riordan Clinic
Wichita, USA

Riordan Clinic is a medical center in integrative oncology specialising in nutritional testing and holistic/naturopathic treatments for cancer ...
St Luke's Therapy Centre
Stroud, UK

The aim of St Luke’s Therapy Centre is to provide a welcoming, healing space, focusing on your physical, emotional and mental wellbeing ...
Stella Maris Clinic
Tijuana, Mexico

Stella Maris is an alternative medicine clinic for cancer providing metabolic approach for cancer ...
Synthesis Clinic
Stockbridge, UK England (SouthEast)

Founded by Dr Nina Fuller-Shavel, Synthesis Clinic offers an award-winning personalised approach to women’s health and integrative cancer care ...
The Center for Advanced Medicine

The Center for Advanced Medicine (TCFAM) offers Integrative Oncology with highly customised programmes focused on individual needs and care ...
Information & Advice
Cancer Information and Support Society (CISS) (The)
St Leonards, Australia

CISS provides information about alternative cancer therapies and support for those who choose to use them ...
Canhelp Inc
Livingstone, United States

CANHELP serves patients and/or family members who wish to take an active part in the healing process and are willing to think outside the conventional medical box ...
Yes to Life
London, UK - England (South East)

Yes to Life is a charity that offers support to people with cancer in the UK who want to take a proactive role in their treatment ...
Anthroposophic Health, Education and Social Care
Bieldside, UK

The AHaSC is an umbrella organisation which aims to coordinate, communicate and facilitate the development of ...
Believe Big
Maryland, USA

Believe Big is a non-profit Christian organisation founded by Ivelisse and Jimmy Page after her battle with stage IV colon cancer ...
Camphill Wellbeing Trust
Aberdeen, UK Scotland

Camphill Wellbeing Trust is a Scottish charity supporting patients through an integrated approach to health, education and social care ...
Steiner Health Center
Ann Arbor, United States

Steiner Health is a non-profit charity founded on the principles of anthroposophic medicine, empowering patients, creating a space for therapies and education ...
Iscador AG Germany
Eimeldingen, Germany

Iscador AG is a pharmaceutical company that produces and scientifically researches herbal preparations for the integrative treatment of cancer ...