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Yoga Therapy for Cancer

Yoga Therapy is not about challenging stretches and postures. Yoga Therapy is about finding meaning in your life again, re-centring, re-balancing after a time of suffering through a variety of practices that include breathwork, relaxations and meditations as well as movements and postures.

Yoga therapy is a mind- body and energy system therapy that adapts the ancient and modern practices of Yoga to meet the individual needs of a person suffering with a specific or chronic health condition that is not otherwise able to be addressed in a group class.

It is person-centred, respecting that no one cure will fit all.  It aims to empower you to explore your own health imbalances and gain a further understanding of the root causes of your personal ill health or disease. Holistic in approach, it avoids focusing too heavily on your diagnosis which can often become an impersonal label.  Instead, your physical, biochemical, mental, emotional and spiritual components that make up ‘You’ as a whole person, are explored collaboratively with your yoga therapist.

In yoga therapy it is not about standing on your head, or overcoming challenging postures, far from it!  Yoga Therapy is often gentle in approach, non-achieving and non-goal orientated. It places emphasis on establishing good breathing patterns to balance the energy system and correcting posture, to create improved alignment back into the body.  Self-compassion is at the heart of yoga therapy, which is a time to turn inwards towards the Self and tend to that which is asking for your care.


Yoga Therapy rests under the broader umbrella of Yoga; it is neither separate from nor greater than Yoga” (1)

According to, yoga, as an ancient mind-body practice combining movement and stretches with meditation, can be used to manage symptoms and side effects and body terrain imbalances common in cancer.

Yoga practice is linked to lower frequency and/or severity of symptoms and side effects common among people with cancer, especially anxiety, depression, fatigue, sleep disruption, stress, and distress, leading to overall better quality of life for many people.

Although all yoga is potentially therapeutic and healing, yoga therapy is the specific application of yogic tools – postures/exercises, breathwork, meditation techniques, and more, to address an individual’s physical, mental, and emotional needs.

The International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT), the organisation that credentials yoga therapists, defines yoga therapy as “the process of empowering individuals to progress toward improved health and wellbeing through the application of the teachings and practice of yoga” (2).

IAYT-certified yoga therapists (C-IAYTs) have in-depth training to assess their patients/clients and develop a personalised care plan to address patient/client-specific goals, medical conditions, and physical limitations. Yoga therapists assess patients/clients through the yogic pancha kosha (Sanskrit: five sheaths) model, a lens that views the human system in five intertwined layers, physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual.

  • Yoga teachers typically complete a 200 or 500-hour generalised yoga training programme offered by a yoga school registered with the Yoga Alliance (3).
  • Certified yoga therapists typically graduate from IAYT-accredited yoga therapy programs that include a minimum of 800-1000 hours of didactic and clinical training (4).

The role of the Yoga Therapist is to help you manage your symptoms and side effects to help improve your quality of life.  Yoga Therapy does not claim to be a standalone cure for cancer but is part of a team of therapeutic interventions to support your through your healing process and empower you to make the changes you need to make in your life to enhance your health , happiness and wellbeing.

Research shows that practicing yoga during and after treatment can improve a person’s quality of life by helping them (5):

  • Get a better night’s sleep
  • Reduce stress and distress
  • Manage anxiety
  • Relieve fatigue
  • Boost energy and mood

among many other benefits such as:

  • Improve pain management
  • Improve balance and mobility
  • Increase strength and flexibility and bone health
  • Balance metabolism – improve obesity or loss of weight
  • Decreases inflammation
  • Boost lymph, reduce lymphoedema
  • Boost immune system bringing vitality back into your cells
  • Improve overall wellbeing and quality of life
  • Empower you to take control of your health, your happiness and wellbeing

The Journal of Clinical Oncology found through its trials that “Yoga practice substantially reduced fatigue and inflammation during cancer treatment and post treatment increased vitality”.


What happens in yoga therapy sessions?

You don’t need to have practiced yoga before.  During a 1:1 yoga therapy session, usually 60 – 75 minutes, your yoga therapist will:

  • Review your health questionnaire to ascertain as much detail about your physical and mental health, your current energy levels and your current day to day lifestyle
  • Provide a thorough assessment for example:
    • Your posture
    • Your breathing patterns
    • Your internal energy flow
    • Your ability to manage stress
    • Your understanding of your health needs
    • What brings your happiness and joy in your life currently
  • Provide gentle and safe practices such as:
    • Breathwork
    • Somatic, mindful yoga movements
    • Postures
    • Meditations and deep relaxations
  • Collaboratively explore the effect of chosen practices to help relieve deeply rooted tension, imbalance, chronic pain, stress and misalignment for example, through the process of Self Inquiry
  • Record your practices to enable you to practice daily at home in order to make significant changes within your state of mind, body or energy systems. Remember Practice brings change.

Training and Qualifications

Yoga Therapy training is extensive. Yoga Teachers tend to be qualified to teach after 200 hours of training and require no previous experience.  Yoga Therapists undergo a minimum of 750 hours. It is a postgraduate training course spread over 2 years and applicants are required to have years of experience of working as a qualified yoga teacher.

Make sure you choose a yoga therapist who is properly trained. The British Council of Yoga Therapy and The International Association of Yoga Therapy both accredit training courses.

You can find certified yoga therapists through the International Association of Yoga Therapists database and registered yoga teachers through the Yoga Alliance website. Yoga4Cancer also provides yoga for cancer training and you can find a listing of their practitioners on their website. When searching for a yoga professional, read their bios and summaries to see if they have training and experience with yoga and cancer. The Yes to Life directory includes yoga therapists with a certified training and/or experience in cancer patients.

Useful Reading:

Research in Yoga Therapy

Research is ongoing. Whilst generally it has been proven that yoga therapy calms the nervous system enabling other systems of the body to relax and function more effectively and naturally, specific research papers on the value of yoga therapy for Cancer include:


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  • (6) With thanks to Nikki Jackson at Yoga Focus for her kind contribution in preparing this article

Yoga therapy for cancer patients are typically done in one-to-one private sessions and can therefore be slightly more costly than group yoga classes. The sessions can be held face to face or online via Zoom. Some cancer support charities offer group yoga sessions for cancer patients which can be found in our directory.

Last Updated:14/10/2023
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Liz Brown
Wendover, UK

Liz Brown is a yoga teacher supporting patients during and recovery cancer treatment ...
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Mitcham, UK

Anita Bubic is a certified yoga teacher of Hatha Yoga, Yoga for People Living with Cancer and Ashtanga Vinyasa ...
Sarah Buckland
London, UK

Sarah has been teaching a “yoga for men with cancer” class at a local charity and working with private yoga therapy clients. ...
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Venetia Davidson
Chichester, UK

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Judith Davis
Lyme Regis, UK

Judith Davis provides Yoga Therapy to support immune system, relax the body and mind, reduce anxiety and/or depression, support good sleep hygiene, aid self reflection and mindfulness ...
Jayne Doyle
Manchester, UK

Jayne Doyle is the founder of The Quiet Way, a unique therapeutic approach including oncology massage ...
Louise Edwards
Kidwelly, UK

Louise Edwards is an experienced yoga teacher supporting clients throughout all stages of their cancer journey ...
Vicky Fox
Vicky Fox teaches weekly yoga for cancer classes and training courses to help other yoga teachers work with anyone living with cancer ...
Michelle Foxall
Harrogate, UK

Michelle Foxall completed the Vicki Fox Yoga for Cancer Patients Tri Yoga Course ...
Clare Anne Francis
Hove, UK

Clare Anne Francis completed the Exercise for Cancer and Yoga Therapy for Cancer trainings ...
India Gooderham

India Gooderham developed The Gentle Recovery concept specifically for people who have finished treatment for cancer ...
Ann Gowing
Chichester, UK

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Rhyanne Hall
Epping, UK

Rhyanne Hall is passionate about supporting women through their journey with breast cancer using the mind-body practice of Yoga ...
JoJo Hancock
Peasmarsh, UK

JoJo Hancock is a Yoga for Cancer specialist, certified with the Vicky Fox Yoga Teacher Training ...
Carl Hargreaves
London, UK

Carl completed the 4 years AYS TTC CNHC certificated Yoga Therapy training which qualifies the holder to teach yoga to cancer patients ...
Jackie Hayfield

Jackie Hayfield is a fully qualified and CNHC registered yoga therapist providing free online therapeutic yoga classes to those with cancer ...
Fiona Hayhoe-Weiland
Bonn, Germany

Fiona Hayhoe-Weiland has experience with women with breast cancer during their treatment programme and life process ...
Nikki Jackson

Nikki Jackson has trained in Yoga for Cancer with Victoria Fox and has worked extensively with clients diagnosed with cancer to help manage symptoms ...
Lisa Jacques
Horsham, UK

Lisa Jacques is an oncology nurse offers 1:1 and small group tailored yoga sessions for people living with and beyond cancer ...
Yolande Jaglin
Cambridge, UK

Yolande Jaglin is an Ayurveda consultant and a yoga practitioner applying therapeutic effects of Integral Yoga in cancer rehabilitation ...
Selina Zina Jalloh
London, UK

Selina Zina Jalloh offers 1 on 1 private sessions, as well and a private group sessions for women with breast cancer in her local community and online ...
Lorena Murua Lopez
Livingston, UK

Lorena Murua Lopez offers one to one yoga sessions (asanas, pranayama and meditation) online and in person ...
Martina Meegan
Kells, Ireland

Martina Meegan a qualified therapeutic radiographer and a yoga teacher with training in Therapeutic Yoga in Cancer Care ...
Marcia Mercier
Mill Hill, UK

Marcia Mercier is a yoga instructor, specialised in breast cancer via her online Yoga For Breast Cancer classes ...
Jude Mills
Uckfield, UK

Jude Mills has taught yoga for cancer modules for YogaCampus and the Scottish School of Yoga Therapy and is the author of the book ‘Adapting Yoga for People Living with Cancer’ ...
Gill Mines
Gibraltar Aylesbury, UK

Gill Mines is a Yoga Therapist, with additional specific CPD in Therapeutic Yoga in Cancer Care ...
Christina Monnelly
Cardiff, UK

Christina Monnelly is a certified yoga teacher with a particular interest in yoga for people with cancer ...
Haley North

Haley North is a holistic chef, yoga, qi gong and movement teacher, and organises cook-along sessions ...
Tor Park

Tor Park trained in Yoga for Cancer at the Yoga Teacher Training with Vicky Fox ...
Tina Paul

Tina Paul completed her Master of Science in Yoga Therapy and is a Y4C (yoga for cancer) practitioner ...
Jenny Phillips
High Wycombe, UK - England (South East)

Jenny Phillips, founder of Inspired Nutrition, is a qualified CNHC registered Nutritional Therapist and recovered from breast cancer herself ...
Jenny Phillips
Bourne End, UK - England (South East)

Jenny Phillips has degrees in Chemistry, Nutritional Medicine, and is a registered Nutritional Therapist, as well as a cancer survivor ...
Jo Potter
Long Buckby, UK

Jo Potter is a qualified Yoga Teacher with additional specialist training in therapeutic yoga for cancer care ...
Julie Robinson
Grantham, UK

Julie has a special interest in working with people living with cancer and use individually modified yoga and evidence based yoga therapy in her work ...
Joanne Scrimshaw

Jo Scrimshaw is a yoga therapist with practical experience of supporting clients through the cancer process ...
Dr Rajendra Sharma
Dr Rajendra Sharma is an Integrated Medical Doctor utilising conventional, complementary and functional medicine ...
Bobby Sira
Leamington Spa , UK

Bobby Sira is a Life and wellness Coach, and the founder of pharmAveda where he integrates his experience in healthcare and the NHS with Ayurveda, Yoga Therapy and Life Coaching ...
Sue Skelton
Hartley Wintney, UK

Sue Skelton is an oncology nurse and a qualified yoga teacher and yoga therapist ...
Eilidh Smith
Ross-shire, UK

Eilidh Smith completed the Yoga for Cancer training and can adapt yoga practices to be in a chair or even in bed ...
Debra Wheeler
Ely, UK

Debra Wheeler is a Yoga Therapist and Yoga Teacher, and additionally completed Therapeutic Yoga in Cancer Treatment with the Minded Institute ...
Cancer Options
Nottingham, UK

Patricia Peat, founder of Cancer Options, support people with cancer by looking at their individual needs, taking a metabolic, integrative approach to develop support plans ...
Carpathia Whole Life Health
Dallas, USA

Carpathia Whole Life Health’s integrative approach helps support the immune system, making the body’s terrain less hospitable to cancer ...
Obitsu Sankei Clinic and Hospital

Ryoichi Obitsu opened the Obitsu Sankeijuku Clinic, a base for integrative medicine, and wrote over 100 books ...
Roswell Park Cancer Institute
Buffalo, United States

Roswell Park helps set international standards in cancer care through its role as a founding member of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network ...
Surrey Holistic Centre for Functional Medicine
Godalming, UK - England (South East)

Surrey Holistic Centre for Functional Medicine is a multi-disciplinary centre incorporating the latest developments in holistic and complementary medicine ...
The Hale Clinic
London, UK

The Hale Clinic was opened in 1988 by HRH The Prince of Wales, as the first clinic in the UK to combine conventional and complementary medicine ...
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